Gustav Holst

List of Compositions


Air from the ‘Brook Green Suite’ (B)

(Arranged by Michael Dawney and Geoffrey Atkinson)


The Brook Green Suite (for strings), was one of Holst’s last works. It was written for his pupils, and was given its first performance by them in March 1934, two months before his death in May of that year.

This charming, indeed wistful, Air, the second movement of the suite, translates readily into an organ voluntary. The late Michael Dawney’s arrangement dates from May 1991 when it was issued by Oecumuse. Michael readily admitted to me that he was ‘no organist’; this is clear - for example, one short quaver passage has been placed unnecessarily and inconveniently for pedals at 8’. Other details have been tidied up to make the music more user-friendly. Whenever your publisher plays this piece as a voluntary it occasions favourable comment.


Nocturne (from ‘A Moorside Suite’) (B+)

(Arranged by Geoffrey Atkinson)


The textures of this beautiful movement from the well known suite for brass band work well on the organ.


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