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Dennis Wickens

List of Compositions

Organ Music

Toccata on ‘Vulpius’ (B-C   £5.00

You will be familiar with the technique – the well-known tune is thundered out on the pedal with toccata-like passage work for the manuals. As it happens one of our very best sellers, Martin Setchell’s Toccata on ‘Joy to the World’, uses the same layout, and here then is an opportunity to provide a dazzling postlude for an Easter service. It is a bit spikier than Martin’s piece but still is very approachable. It is not really sight-readable but lies under the hand very well, so a bit of work at home should do the trick.

Choral Music
The Unknown (B+) Choir with divisi and piano £4.00

This 5 minute piece sets a haunting text by John Davidson. The idiom is contemporary but the writing for choir is very skilfully managed to avoid unnecessary difficulties. A competent pianist is however required. While the music is undoubtedly ‘modern’ in idiom, it is direct in its appeal, and very effective in carrying the sentiments of the text. Any moderately adventurous choir will enjoy tackling it.

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Last updated: 08 September 2018